My Story

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I’m Jennifer, It’s Nice To Meet You.

I am 44-years-old. I look and feel my absolute best. I maintain a clean, balanced diet that nourishes consistent, varied workouts to keep me strong, lean and energized. I am grounded, fulfilled and genuinely happy. I love and am loved.

My story did not start this way. If you had told me I would be here 5 years ago, I would not believe you.

My mother became pregnant with me at 18-years-young with no idea what to do with a child. My mother and I lived with my caring maternal grandparents until I was 5. When my mother remarried a few years later, she and her new husband had two more children, and we started to form what I hoped, with every fiber of my being, would be a beautiful family.


The years to follow were no such fairy tale. My stepfather turned out to be mentally and physically abusive turning my mother into a depressed, miserable shell of her former self. As the center of my everything, I experienced each scream, hit and shove right along with her often becoming a focal point for her frustration and anger.

At age 10, my biological father resurfaced. Once again, what I thought may be a light at the end of a long, dark tunnel turned out to be a freight train headed straight for me. To my right, my father began to sexually and physically abuse me - by 15, abuse was all I knew and I had become an expert at hiding it from anyone around me. To my left, my stepfather succumbed to drug and alcohol addition with suicide.

Despite it all, I soldiered on. I went to school at night and graduated with my bachelor’s degree, which armed me to start my career in corporate America. I bought the house. I climbed the ladder. I started a family. I was convinced that if I made it look all right then it would be all right.

But that’s not how we work, is it? In my late 30’s I found myself crippled by anxiety, consumed by depression and bogged down by 40lbs of excess weight. My marriage was a house of cards that threatened to topple at any moment. I was plagued by nightmares.

I started self-medicating with alcohol and food - anything to numb the pain. We lived a lie dressed in lavish vacations, parties with friends and a manicured lawn. I felt entirely alone and hated myself. I assumed that this was the best there was - this is my life - and I was committed to sucking it up and staying strong for the sake of my children.


Don’t mistake me, over the years I saw therapists and took all the many medications they prescribed. I joined countless gyms. I tried every diet in the books. But my weight ticked up and my energy deflated like a slow leak from an old balloon. I was so tired, so tired.


I remember feeling helpless - a victim of cruel circumstance of which I had no power or control. I felt unwanted and unworthy of love. I was terrified of men.

It wasn’t a wake-up call or near-death experience that turned my life around - it was a choice. One day, 4-years-ago, I decided to break free and move forward. It was that simple and that difficult.

I stopped living a life for someone else and started living my life for me and for my kids. I was determined to show them someone who had a strong sense of self - to be an example of health and happiness. I would break the cycle.

It was not an easy road. Remember, I had become an expert at avoiding the real work and hiding from who I was or what I wanted. But I leaned in to all the muck and mire and faced my greatest fear - myself.

I learned how to nourish my body with clean, wholesome food. I stopped drinking to hide the feelings. I picked up weights. I looked in the mirror and said kind words. I unpacked mental and physical baggage. I made small steps each and every day that turned into habits.

Today, those habits have become a lifestyle that has lead me to a life I simply love. I am a woman who believes she is worth it and worthy of all the good things. 

Inspired to teach other women how to unearth and become their best selves, I obtained my Wellness Coach Training & Certification through the International Associates for Wellness Professionals (IAWP) and continued my formal education in holistic health and healing by way of the CORE Coaching Method (CCM). In 2018, I became a certified Precision Nutrition Coach and member of the Rhapsody Brain Trust.


In an effort to enrich my own spirituality and teach others the practice of meditation I joined The Chopra Center and will be receiving my Certification in Primordial Sound Meditation in May 2019. 

I am present and it is wonderful - I will be the first to tell you staying here is a daily choice and continuous journey. I want nothing more than the same for you. You can choose to flourish. You can move forward and write your own story.

Are you ready to nourish your happiest, healthiest life?