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Healthy mind, healthy body.


During the course of my own health and wellness journey, I quickly realized that just focusing on food intake wasn’t enough - my headspace was the real barrier between me and the life I wanted.

A healthy body must start with a healthy mind. We often underestimate the power of our own mindset, but it is the be all end all to making a change as change comes from choice.

You often hear the adage, “you are what you eat”, well, I believe “you are what you think.”

If you listen to all the negative thoughts in your head, you will begin to believe them. You will become fearful of being a better version of yourself.  You will live your thoughts.

For years, I remember going to therapy sessions that would leave me feeling a bit better. But in the days to follow, I would succumb to negative self-talk.

“You are not good enough.” “You will never be happy.” “You will never make others happy.”

On and on. By the time of my next therapy session, we were starting from scratch as I had undone any and all progress because my mindset wasn’t there yet.

Don’t get me wrong, true mental healing takes time and hard work, but it will start with your mindset – to make a choice each and every day that you are enough and you are worthy.

Practicing mindfulness is feeding the brain the food it needs to change your mindset. I can help you with practical steps to nourish a healthy mindset, but I cannot make the choice to change for you.

Changing your mindset is the product of honest and powerful positive-self talk, healthy, nourishing brain foods, and the willingness to do the hard work, every single day. The good news is that we can turn those negative thoughts into empowering ones and move forward.

Some of the pro-tips that helped me along the way include:

  • Feed your mind with the nutrients it needs, such as gratitude journaling, empowering books, or compelling podcasts

  • Feed your body with clean, nutritious food that will fuel your fire   

  • Surround yourself with positive people

  • Curb negative self talk – when you start that inner toxic chatter, picture yourself saying those awful words to your best friend. Would you? No? Then don’t say it to yourself.

  • Get rid of the toxic, negative relationships – I’d start with social media   

  • Express yourself – be honest about how you feel

  • Do the things that you love – go on a long walk with you pup, take a class, enjoy a bubble bath

  • Embrace the little things – a good cup of coffee, a deep belly laugh with your friend, a long hug from your partner, or your furbaby falling asleep on your lap

  • Take your negative experiences and find the lesson learned – tell yourself how this experience will make you better

  • Be mindful, grateful, and appreciate yourself – look in the mirror and give yourself an affirmation each morning  

You are worthy and you are worth it! Are you ready to flourish mind, body and soul?