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Healthy body, healthy mind.

Let’s talk about the food we consume, and mindful eating. We are going to start by 86ing the word “diet” as that is all about withholding and restriction.

Real talk. Diets are not sustainable as so many are unrealistic to maintain day to day. You may slim up a bit, but once you revert to previous habits the pounds come back along with ample self-loathing. Let’s break this cycle, shall we?

What if I told you that you that you could have a trim, strong and healthy body by eating plenty of real food? That you could have a cookie without spiraling into a shame storm? And you could make it through your day feeling full and energized?

When we are giving our body all the proper nutrients it deserves, it is not a “diet” but a lifestyle. I choose to give my body everything it deserves to move efficiently and thrive, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Lasting change starts education, a plan, and consistency.

Food can be incredibly grounding and healing when we use it properly – it is not your enemy.  Its purpose is to nourish us mind, body and soul.

I am a believer in a macronutrient-based eating plan, which includes lean proteins, healthy fat options, and high-quality complex carbohydrates. Learning how to buy, cook, and eat healthy foods can be overwhelming at first, but, like anything else, once your body starts to feel and look better it is encouraging to continue making healthy choices.

These choices become habits. Habits become a lifestyle.

Mindful Eating  

Have you ever inhaled a plate full of food, sat back and thought, “I’m still hungry” or picked up a bag of chips to have a couple bites before blinking and being at the bottom of the bag?

Learning to enjoy food and listening to our bodies is a big part of mindful eating. If you are like me and suffer from emotional eating, becoming a mindful eater is such a rewarding process.

Today, I eat slower to enjoy the taste of food savoring each bite.  I don’t find myself hiding sweets to satiate pangs of stress – when I have something sweet, I do so with intention and love every single morsel.

As a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, I can teach you how to make better choices for the wonder that is you and help you make choices into habits. From tackling the grocery store together to holding you accountable week after week, I am in your corner.

Are you ready to kick fad-diets to the curb and create a healthy, sustainable relationship with food that will fuel your fire?